Whitewater Rafting Trip - Life Group Leaders and Hosts (and any Friends from Life Group)


Whitewater Rafting Trip - Life Group Leaders and Hosts
(and friends in your life group) 

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime with other Life Group Leaders and Hosts (and friends in your life group) whitewater rafting down the Klamath River! Led by Life Group Pastor Dave Enns and his wife, Koreena, and with Kameron and Emily Drawhorn from the San Marcos / Escondido Campus. Enjoy nature, community, and a time to be refreshed and encouraged spiritually. Spots are limited, and sign-ups are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

DATES: Saturday, June 22nd to Wednesday, June 26th 

LOCATION: Adventure Whitewater - Klamath River location

COST: $350.00 per person 

Life Group Leaders and Hosts and any Life Group members they would like to invite. Sorry, no kiddos.

QUESTIONS: Please contact Vikki Almond at valmond@northcoastchurch.com

Whitewater Rafting Adventure FAQs.

Location: Paradise point is due west of Yreka, CA just past the little town of Happy Camp in the Siskiyou Wilderness.

Travel by car: Our campground is a 16-20 hour drive (820 miles) from Vista Campus. Download driving directions here. 

Travel by air: You can fly to Medford OR, rent a car and drive 120 miles to camp.

Coming and Going: Plan to arrive at camp in the late afternoon on Saturday, June 22nd. Program is finished on the evening of the 25 and we will serve a final breakfast on the 26rd. Plan departure to fit your schedule.

Rafting Details: Our 3 days of rafting will include long stretches of still floating and swimming interrupted by a number of Class II-III sections of river. You can count on bald eagle sightings, outstanding mountain views, hikes to waterfalls, lunch on a sand bar, cliff jumping and playing in a huge eddy. You will only need to bring sunscreen, hat and water on the raft. Our professional guides provide lifejackets, paddles, lunch, coaching and many river stories / tall tales. Check out https://www.awwrafting.com/

Accommodations: This is a tent camping experience along a remote river. You will need to bring all your own gear. Basics will include ground pad, sleeping bag, tent, flashlight, bug spray, sun screen, eating utensils and water bottles. Extras could include: cots, fishing rods (with license), quality coffee, goggles and fins, lantern, hammock, tarp for shade, cooler with ice and snacks, solar chargers and any glamping accessories that will make your tent/area AWESOME.

RVs?: Our campground has limited parking with no hook ups. We would also like to avoid using generators. Sleeping in your pick-up truck, SUV or van are no problem but this is not the right campground for motorhomes or travel trailers.

Temperatures: Days are often warm with highs in the 80s and 90s. Perfect for river adventures. Nights cool off and your sleeping bag will feel great.

Food & Hygiene: Meals will be provided and so are clean porta-potties and rustic showers. Camp food is awesome but you are also free to bring food, drive to town for pizza or cook with your own camping gear.

Program & Fun: Count on 3 days of professionally guided rafting, waterfall hikes, relaxing on sand bars and soaking in the pristine wilderness. Plenty of free time leaves you lots of options each afternoon. Running to town (Happy Camp) for ice, ice cream, pizza or wifi will take 30-40 minutes each way.

Speakers: Dave & Kam will be sharing daily to encourage your spiritual journey and have a lot of fun.

Memories: We promise you will make some for a lifetime. This is truly an epic experience!

Questions: Email Vikki Almond at valmond@northcoastchurch.com